Renewables are in the process of taking centre stage in respect of the power generation scene. At this moment, the world is shifting its focus piecemeal towards a transition to clean energy with renewables being an important part. We advise sponsors, financiers, contractors and government agencies across the sector on development, financing and operation of renewable energy assets and infrastructure.

Our integrated service covers all relevant aspects of renewable energy projects including regulatory advice, planning, licencing, construction, procurement, power purchase agreements, acquisition of project facilities, as well as funding and leasing of such projects. We have expertise in a wide range of renewable energy sources including bio-energy, hydrogen, geothermal, waste-to-energy, with particular knowledge in solar, wind, and hydropower projects.

Our Renewables practice also covers environmental law and climate change. We have a strong experience dealing with environmental liability in large transactions, and providing complex risk assessments including providing recommendations for managing such risks. Our team has a diverse background in drafting legislation, and negotiating environmental provisions in corporate sale and purchase agreements.