LXL LLP Energy Handbook 2020

One sector which will not be the same is the energy sector, and this is a book about energy. Or to be more precise – power. The energy sector has of course already been changing significantly in the last decade – now with COVID-19, following close on the back of the recent fires in Australia and Brazil and floods in the UK (big news at the time, but almost swamped by the pandemic), it will not be the same again. Oil prices fell by as much as 70 per cent last year, and household names are cutting back on staff, slashing capital expenditure and investing more and more in renewable forms of energy.

Fossil fuels are dying – Long live the renewable!

So, against this background, it’s probably fortuitous that this year we focus on power and we take the reader, our hard-working in-house energy lawyer, down a highway with a view of the industry’s structures, operation, and technology, focusing on power infrastructure projects.

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